The Gate of God, by Gary Osborn.

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    1. the trance state you seek to acheive is very obvious after reading what you have combined so well.. its sex… and perhaps even prostate related… maybe thats why male anal sex was and is pushed away from religion… but its the becoming of both female and male consciously… becoming both good and evil… you have destroy the barriers in your conscious to get to the subconscious…the barriers are all that are created in our minds from the moment we learn from other people… its a lock thats passed down thru generations created by the enlightened to block the masses… you have to transend every adverse thought… the key of solomon was more so that he became everthing… he was open to everthing to learn everything… thats the key… you cannot open a door by closing it… you have to destroy the way we imagine things to be inside our thoughts… the language is tied to imagery and thru the acts of punishment we are taught right and wrong… these are tied to emotions early on from childhood… emotional ties and polluted blood..create division of the inner eye… cloud it in disbelief… the inner self representation imagery has to be destroyed… how? just by clearing the concious emptyness of thought… the empty assurance of knowing someone will call seconds before they do… in that space the so called fusion is maybe partial… fasting… mentally and physically… clear out thoughts especially the ones that limit you in anyway… in the texts its called the law.. ect. there is no good or evil after you transform. there are no rules.. there is only expanding knowledge. you have to fully believe it… if you dont believe it without doubt how can you activate your own self? you cannot lie to yourself… anyways the sex trance is the only way to destroy the sexual desires that hold you fixed in this state… instead of fighting fleshy desires which only increase you have to do the opposite… the effect is freedom of thought… become both male and female sexually… the desires are ingrained in us… everthing is sex… becoming imortal is achieved with the ultimate sex of mind and body and God… no one has achieved this since jesus. we call it sex but it is creation..the human body only experiances physical pleasure for a reason… everything else is a delusion created to manipulate and control when now the reasons to do so are long forgotten… we consume life… and we eliminate nothing… the beetle puts life back into the eliminated waste… we lose our own consciousness and sense of self to enter the light… as above so below… thru our own physical senses we can control the inner brain with a type of ritual… to learn the ritual… study all the types of mating rituals of nature… remember the key? you must clear your mind and empty it and look not in a book of words but in nature… dont ask men… they have forgotten and the bits and pieces you see fit… doing this you will become so different than society that they should hate you… eliminate thought barriers… wear a dress in public without shame… put on lipstick… do whats necessary to create and build this super conscious… you have to destroy your own rules and realize that that mind will include all life all things male female even every species of life known and uknown… we do know that. we know the answers… all we have to do is open up your eyes to see… its not inside the prison of mans buildings… the answers are in nature in the wilderness… the love… is an absense of guilt no shame no doubt… feminine and masculine… its a job description… and the job is the preperation and act of becoming the son of God. there is no way to do it without God its all His powerful relm… behind the veil

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  2. all sounds fantastic. Yet how to activate these centers is the question.
    Could you please give some advice?


  3. Thank you, you have covered in one article, stuff? I have been workiñg on for months, and years. With the intelect!
    How does one activate this. Have you written a further article?
    I am at present activating this, in what is called ascension.
    You mention gold, and ormus, do you think, monotomic gold, helps in this process.
    I will read more of yr work, now i have found you, but tired at mo, as so much in yr article.
    Many, many thanks for your work. Linda (means snake wisdom)

  4. dear gary osborn
    haven’t read all of this.
    just thought would tell you of my experience – which relates to your site.
    had a blow to my head when i was three that twisted my sphenoid so when i became a teenager i never went into puberty and out, as i watched my sisters do. never felt quite ‘feminised’.

    few years ago had a radical dentist mess about with my jaw by using a splint on my bottom teeth to adjust my temperomandibular joint.

    about the third adjustment i encountered a ‘golden light’ – i was in it – it was around me!!!

    i came to in the dentists chair – not knowing how i got there – my memory of that morning erased. i stumbled out of the dentists to a world totally different to what i had experienced before.
    i was having cranio sacral treatment and the oesteopath who noticed that i was different, after i explained what had happened – told me about the 6th chakra.

    i have spent the last 7yrs trying to understand what happened to me and to put it in place in the world. i nearly lost my mind, and still struggle, because what i encountered other people do not understand.
    as a medical herbalist i have an understanding of modern medicine so have used that and other stuff i have found on the internet, including delving into energetic traditional understandings of humans – particularly hindu understanding – although i find a lack of understanding of the magic in modern peoples – where-ever they come from.

    this is what i think it is about.
    at conception the sperm – which has the speck of life/energy in it – has to have energy to be able to move – joins with the egg (potential energy) and multiplies cells until it forms a flat rectangle of cells.
    the speck of light/energy is at the primitive node and moves up the rectangle as the primitive streak – when it reaches the top end it starts the body growing as the genetics wants.
    it builds the body from the top down and ends up residing in the coccyx. (see the koran!)
    the body grows till it becomes ready to reproduce and that’s when the energy rises again – up the spine to energetically light/connect the pituitary to the pineal (6th and 7th chakras).

    notice this in the ancient medicine symbol of the staff and snakes – tis not a staff but the spine and the snakes are the two risings, snakes are often represented in religious and traditional teachings.
    one at puberty and the second as one goes through life gaining wisdom as we go (lets hope!).
    i had also done a vipassana 10 day silence meditation some years previously – on about the third day (with eyes shut) i felt a swirling energy rise up from my belly button, passed my heart and grab my throat.
    and there, the second lot of energy stayed until it was released by a dental technique!!!
    that was why it was so powerful – had the two risings at once – 1 am 67 now – but the energy had been locked in my throat and below the jaw which was twisted
    how bizarre is that!!
    have never found anyone else who that has happened to.
    i see people who have had no trouble with the first rising – they bounce through life – being themselves – but do not know – and so often have a bad attitude to others whose bodies have been damaged in some way or t’other – forceps birth, bad dentistry, blows to the head etc

    tis why the bit of the head at the side is called the temple – jesus who was obviously a switched on person – no forceps delivery for him – always preached in the open – not in human buildings of grand design. with a white light around his head knowing he was doing what he was meant to do!!

    i love the fact that the temple is inside each one of us but deplore the fact that everything is made so complicated because of a lack of understanding of the energetics of the body.

    for me everything is energy – has always been and will always be – out in space it goes on for ever – a hard concept for us arrogant punies.

    i now ‘know’ – in the true sense of the word – that as a human, energy is what drives us
    energy – physical – emotional – intellectual

    the energy drives the genes to form a physical being which has inside it a physiology that produces emotion in response to its engagement with the outside world and our mind is there to work out what that means!!! – but only to us!!!

    don’t know if that makes sense to anyone – but if it does – the implications are that if the skull is not sitting properly then we can get either physical disease or mental (emotional) disease from the maladjustment
    different mental illnesses are now considered to be associated with different parts of the brain – anyone get my drift???
    and so for the physical

    as for me – i never menstruated properly – never got pregnant and ended up with ovarian cancer at 47

    does that make sense to anyone? it has taken me a long time to work all that out whilst trying to retain my mind in what i have always considered a crazy world anyway
    any replies would be gratefully received.

    thank you reading this!
    sincerely penny waters

    1. Penny, quite the experience you went through. From what I can see you had a shift in your assemblage point. The stored up energy managed to shift your original perception of the world to a different perceptual point, therefore your perception of the world changed. There are lots of resources on the internet about this. It is a tool used by shamans to heal and to alter consciousness in order to see things as they really are – and to become “the ONE.” The article above is full of deep insights and helpful too. Here is another great site which has to do with how to achieve the immortal condition (which addresses shifting the assemblage point):

      I hope this helps! All the best :)!

  5. You are correct

    But let me fill you in.

    On what is being missed
    As you just linked to me

    All history is a repeat of Sanskrit vedas, you are correct a group of beings came fallen angels parted knowledge which was forbidden fruit snake

    It was the fire wisdom blood line

    Hence why three headed eagle not it’s head off and became two when we tried to annihilate all beings created by them

    The DNA manipulation

    To progress the beings on this planet and the great war where the crystal broke or became fragmented

    Your sacrum must be active first to channel the energy to the head in a stable manner

    But we are activating from too, down and then back up

    And some people are down to top

    Each acts differently depending on their game player level

    As within so on the out
    So on the out as within
    As above so below
    So below as above

    The 3 which makes the 4th hidden aspect

    The trinity which completes in unity 0

    Our history events was altered due to stress

    One group of beings memory wiped
    Hence we have no memory card and we start again

    But once you activate your memory card you tap into it again

    A women secretes a special fluid during pregnancy this is the fluid we are generating when accessing this ahom, essence

    Himalayas is the pyramid that has it cap removed

    It is a pyramid

    Not a mountain

    Not one single person can climb to the top

    Peo0le experience time and forces that age them

    It is protected from thise that wish harm


    This quest by the mystics is an allegory for the ‘seeking of knowledge’ associated with the head and the processes by which one is able to enter the Underworld. Furthermore, it is said that the cauldron possesses three properties.


    Women and man is electric and magnetic beings the two forces together to make a third visible force wh8ch then allows the invisible force to flow

    Is a remake of ancient Vedas

    Time is not numbers but energy

    Man and women
    Past and future
    Balance and it will be now
    This invisible

    The pyramid is invisible and is called a mountain this you do not see the tip 😉

    Shambala, which is the land of z.

    Which is the garden of Eden
    Wh9ch is many names

    Sorcer stone is within so on the out you can not outwardly make it until you are forged within this is to protect the beings of this planet from harm and I’ll intent of this that lack perception of wisdom during this Kali yuga reveal


    Through out history the original gods names changed and they were promoted or demoted through history

    Aka they follow a law all must be in sight

    But it’s also hidden in front of self

    Thus they hide self so you can find sight

    They are messengers the balance ones the 0 point they come in the time of reveals in history

  6. The gate to god is uncondittianal love, so is enlightment….

    Do not look to far, its easy, its not sience….

    Evers body can be enlightend if you learned all your lessons…..

    Some People need a 1000 lives to get there….

    All the best….


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